October 24, 2018


Technology-Centric services are exactly what you would think, entirely based on your technologies and those technologies potentially available to you.

Centric Security believe that cyber security principles within your technology stack should be considered at the design stage. We work with you to ensure that “Defence in Depth” proves to be more than just a concept that people talk about, and more of a working practice.

However, we are aware that not everyone has the luxury of designing security into their systems at the time of inception. Instead, we are happy to advise and consult with you and your teams to establish what levels of security are required, and indeed what is attainable with your current technologies.

We can use a range of techniques and reports to provide in depth feedback on your technology’s security posture and offer guidance on how you can become more secure.

Alternatively, we can offer services that will replicate those of a malicious intruder into your technology stack, in the form of penetration testing. This type of service is more specialist and requires thorough planning and service definition. It is also critical that business directors or even business owners are fully aware of these activities before any such services are undertaken. Please contact us to open an enquiry if you require such services.