October 24, 2018


People are the core of any business and present a very problematic scenario. Without doubt, people can be the strongest facet to your company’s operation yet present the single biggest risk to it at the same time.

Education is the key to preventing your staff becoming the reason for regulatory non-compliance, and a good standard of cyber security education can help create the “Human Firewall” every company needs.

Here at Centric Security, we aim to help you get your staff thinking about how best to protect their own digital lives, in turn making them aware of the professional digital profiles and protecting your business.

We can provide consultation services to your own in house educational teams, provide training directly or approach the subject in which ever method best suits your knees.

Alternatively, Centric Security can offer other services to stress test your security posture, primarily through process testing, and social engineering. We can test your business against techniques that malicious individuals may use to attack you via your people, but with no danger of data loss or harsh ramifications that you would otherwise face.

This type of service is more specialist and requires a thorough understanding of target objectives, as well as full buy-in from company directors. Please contact us if you wish to discuss these services in more detail.

For any further information on the People-Centric side of operations, please get in touch now.